You only find trust in people who deal with your soul as if it was their own…

About me

Marianne Kraus, born 1958

Certified educator with focus on youth work.

35 years self-employment at trade fairs and markets (promotion / fair hostess).

Through my sales activities and the interactive contact with the most diverse people, I have developed a very fine sense for my counterpart. It became my hobby to study and precisely observe people to find out what affect the psyche has on the body.

The death of my father and his terminal care brought me to Reiki …

This was followed by training as a biodynamic body therapist (European School of Biodynamic Psychology) This training gave me stability during my mother’s many years of slow dying. (Dementia type Alzheimer) The following seminars and trainings provided me with further tools:

• IKS Master Training (Personality Development / Knehr seminars)

• Mental Trainer & Coach (Knehr seminars)

• Hospice care & grief counselling (Palliative care, Clinic Harlaching)

• Competent handling of BPD (borderline disorder Inputseminars Munich)

The interplay and the effects of the state of mind on the body have always fascinated me … and thus I see every client as enrichment for myself….. and I will never stop learning!

Marianne Krau Coaching, Reiki Energiearbeit, Biorelease-Massage , Biorelease-Lifting in und um München
Marianne Kraus Coaching, Muenchen

Please note: I am neither a doctor nor a physiotherapist! My treatments are no medical treatments and do not replace them. I do not make diagnoses, nor do I promise anything. My offers are aimed at mentally and physically healthy people.

I see myself as a coach and companion in difficult times.